Contact Lenses

Prescription Contacts & Disposables

Do you need to correct your vision, but don’t want to deal with wearing or handling prescription eyeglasses? Contact lenses provide all of the field-of-vision improvements you need, without altering your cultivated look.

At eyecarecenter O.D., P.A., we provide all of the contact lens solutions you need, including convenient online ordering of refills of top brands.

Contact Lens Fittings & Refills

Visit our vision clinic for assistance from our dedicated optometrists — we are experts in contact lens:

  • Fittings
  • Prescriptions
  • Refills
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • and more

Also, for your convenience, our eyecarecenter O.D., P.A. accepts many of the most popular vision insurance brands.

Tips for People Who Wear Contacts

  1. Keep Them Clean – Dirty contact lenses can cause eye infections and general irritation. At eyecarecenter O.D., P.A., we offer cleaning solutions for your prescription and disposable contacts. RevitaLens™ and Biotrue™ are two of the leading cleaners available — and you should clean them on a daily basis, discarding the solution from the previous day.
  2. Apply Them Properly – Before handling the contacts, be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water in order to remove any bacteria that might be hanging around. Gently remove the contact from its case and, using your pointer finger, place the lens in your eye.
  3. Remove Them Properly – Just like the application process, begin removal by washing your hands. Before placing the contacts in their “home” for the night, make sure the case is clean. If it is, position the contacts inside and securely close it.