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How to Fix Broken Glasses: Temporary Eyeglass Repairs

If your glasses break, you may wonder if you can fix them yourself or if you need an eye care provider's help. While it may be possible to do simple repairs by yourself, fixing broken glasses properly may require an expert to prevent any additional damage.   

Did you purchase your glasses from your local eyecarecenter? If so, take them back to the office for basic repairs. Most simple fixes can be done on-site quickly and at no cost. This will grant you peace of mind knowing that they've been fixed by a professional. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing a local provider rather than an online retailer.   

Here are some of the common ways that your glasses may break, plus ways that you or the eyecarecenter can fix them. 

Easy Fixes for Common Eyeglass Problems

Problem: Loose or Missing Screws

The arm of your glasses may detach or become wobbly if a screw falls out or becomes too loose. If your glasses have nose pads, they're often attached by screws as well. These may also become loose or fall off. 


The at Home Fix   

This problem can easily be solved at home with an eyeglass repair kit. If you want to try handling this fix on your own, you'll need a special screwdriver that's designed to be used on glasses. These are sold in eyeglass repair kits. These kits often contain a glasses screwdriver and replacement screws.   

When replacing or tightening a screw in your glasses, turn the screwdriver gently to avoid stripping it. Don’t let your hand slip when the screwdriver head is close to the glasses lenses, as you may scratch your lenses.   Don’t have an eyeglass repair kit? Don’t worry, try this:  

  • Thread a piece of sturdy dental floss or thin wire through the screw holes, then tie a knot to hold everything in place 

  • Try wedging a wooden toothpick into the aligned screw holes, breaking off the tip, and leaving it there temporarily 


If you can't see what you're doing well enough to handle these repairs on your own or you're not adept with a tiny screwdriver, bring your glasses to your local eyecarecenter for assistance. 

Problem: Bent Eyeglass Arm or Bent Frames

If one of the arms of your glasses has become bent or misshapen, you may be able to straighten it at home. Glasses with metal frames are easier to adjust than plastic because metal is more malleable, or more flexible than plastic.  


The Solution for Bent Metal Frames

Slowly and deliberately bend the metal back into place with your hands or use needle-nose pliers for gentle leverage. Avoid damaging your glasses by using pliers with plastic encased around the tips or by placing a soft cloth between the metal tips and your glasses frame. 


The Solution for Plastic Frames

You'll need to gently heat the plastic to bend your frames back into shape, as plastic is not as flexible as metal unless it’s heated up. You can do this at home by running your plastic frame under hot water or applying hot air using a blow dryer. Once the plastic has warmed up, it should bend more easily. 


It's safer to have a professional do it, especially if your frames are plastic. Your eye doctor at the eyecarecenter should be able to fix a bent arm at little to no cost to you.  


Damages Needing Professional Repair

Broken Metal or Plastic Glasses Frames 

Have your glasses become so damaged that they are breaking into pieces? Tape might be a temporary solution for this, but don’t attempt to permanently repair broken glasses on your own.  


Broken metal frames need to be welded if broken anywhere that have broken but at the hinge. It may seem easy to fix plastic frames with super glue, but this can lead to disaster if any glue gets on your lenses. This could also lead to your warranty on your eyeglasses expiring.  


For the best results, bring your broken glasses to your local eyecarecenter. 

Cracked or Scratched Lenses

There's no simple fix for cracked lenses; bring them to your local office for help.  There are many online solutions for cracked or scratched lenses, such as: 

  • Rubbing a pea-sized amount of non-abrasive (non-whitening) toothpaste — or a paste of baking soda mixed with water — into the affected lens with a microfiber cloth  

  • Purchasing scratch-removal solutions and follow the instructions on the package 


However, these fixes may not work and can make things worse. The way your lenses are repaired is typically based on the type of lenses you have and the scratches on your lenses. It's possible that you may damage your lenses by trying to fix them yourself. This is especially true if you have a special coating or finish on your lenses, as it may require special care during the repair.  


For best results, bring your glasses to your local provider. 

Visit Your Local eyecarecenter Today

Get your glasses fixed today by visiting an eyecarecenter location near you. Our skilled team of eye care professionals will work with you to determine the best way to repair your glasses. Find a location near you to get in contact with your local eyecarecenter about eyeglass repair. 

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