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Learn How to Rest Your Eyes

Have you noticed that your eyes are starting to feel sore while at work or home? Spending several hours staring at an object with deep concentration can cause you to strain your eye muscles. This can lead to eye fatigue, which is a common problem that’s often ignored.    

Eye fatigue is especially common in those that work with computers or use smartphones. This can make it difficult to avoid the effects of digital eye strain, or eye strain caused by too much screen time.    

There are ways to reduce the effects of eye fatigue, which we’ll discuss in this article. Continue reading to learn more from the eyecarecenter.

Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

Avoid having dry eyes, as they can cause eye fatigue and even lead to more serious eye conditions. Like eye fatigue, dry eyes can feel uncomfortable and tired.   

To prevent unnecessary discomfort caused by dry eye, take these steps: 

  • Drink enough water, which is usually more than eight glasses of water a day 

  • Keep your eyes away from direct airflow caused by vents or ceiling fans 

  • Avoid smoke, especially tobacco smoke 

  • Use a humidifier in your office or home if the air seems dry  

  • Find preservative-free eye drops formulated for dry eyes for use when you notice your eyes feel dry or tired 

Get a Pair of Blue Light Glasses 

Special glasses may help to prevent eye fatigue caused by blue light emitted from your digital devices. These are often called blue light glasses and are covered with a special tint that minimizes the amount of blue light your eye is exposed to.    

Blue light glasses can be found in both prescription and non-prescription lenses. If you’re not wanting to wear glasses, try using a blue light filter on your digital device’s screen.     

Make a Warm or Cold Compress

Looking for a relaxing way to rest your eyes? Try using a washcloth damp with warm or cold water. Make your compress by running a clean washcloth under hot or cold water until it's saturated. Be sure to squeeze out any of the excess water.    

The next step is to fold it so it’ll cover your eyes. Find a comfortable position to sit or lie down and close your eyes. You’ll then place the warm cloth over your eyes for a few moments.   

TIP: Make sure the washcloth is not too cold or too hot before placing it over your eyes.   

Practice These Eye Yoga Exercises

Eye yoga may prevent eye fatigue. A recent study found that participants performing regular yogic eye exercises experienced a statistically significant reduction in eye fatigue.    

Practice these eye yoga exercises several times a day to prevent eye strain.  


Eye Rolling

Make your eyes move from side to side or up and down. Your eye muscles can become strained if you spend too much time looking at an object.    


Although blinking is one of your body’s natural reflexes, it’s possible to not blink enough. An eye exercise for blinking will remind you to blink more often and reduce your risk of dry eye.     


Palming can be a peaceful experience, as it gives your eyes a break in a dark environment. This eye yoga exercise is performed by palming or cupping your hands. You will then place your hands over your eyes, making sure to apply no pressure to your eyelids.  


Seek Advice from an Eye Doctor

It’s possible that your eyes feel tired because they're working too hard on trying to focus. Eye fatigue can often be caused by your eye needing prescription lenses to see clearly.  


Those already wearing glasses or contacts may find that their prescription changed since their last visit to the eye doctor.    

Your eye doctor can also other strategies on how to relax your eyes effectively.   

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

The optometry team at the eyecarecenter provides comprehensive eye care services customized to your needs. Our eye doctors are skilled and equipped with the latest technology, allowing them to treat many eye conditions.  


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