Bright Futures Start with Healthy Eyes: Pediatric Eye Care

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August is dedicated to Children’s Eye Health & Safety, and at eyecarecenter, we genuinely care about your children’s well-being and want to discuss pediatric eye care with you. As parents, we always prioritize the needs of our children, desiring nothing but the very best for them. We want them to have a joyous and healthy life.

With everything that goes on in our lives, we sometimes overlook the importance of taking our kids to the eye doctor. We know how stressful life can be. We focus on taking children to doctors and dentists, who are also very important. Our kids might suffer from eye issues, and we might not even know it. Astonishingly, 1 in 4 kids suffers from eye or vision issues, which means your kids may have trouble seeing.

See why the caring team at North Carolina eyecarecenter team thinks pediatric eye care is paramount!

It’s Crucial to Know Why Children’s Eye Care Matters

Our team cares about your family, and we want you to understand why pediatric eye care is so important fully.

Your Child Might Be Nearsighted

Nearsightedness is increasing all over the globe. Nearsightedness, or myopia, often gets missed if a child has it. Children can have trouble describing eye issues and suffer in silence. Myopia makes it hard for kids to see at long distances. Your child may have trouble reading signs, watching TV, or reading the board at school. On top of that, they might suffer from eye strain and headaches. If your child is squinting a lot or even rubbing their eyes, this might be a sign that they are nearsighted. We don’t want your children to have issues seeing, so you should take them to eyecarecenter for an eye exam.

We Want Them to Succeed in School

We know that you care about your child’s grades and success in school, and going to the eye doctor can play a massive part in that. It all depends on their ability to see what they must do at school to participate and complete their work successfully. They spend all day in the classroom trying to read the board, and if they have blurry vision, they might strain their eyes and still miss all of the information. By taking your children to the eye doctor, they can get the help they need if they can’t see clearly. We will work with them to find the perfect eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve their vision. We want your students to succeed as much as you do!

Help Your Kids Sooner Rather Than Later

We know that sometimes it can be challenging to understand your kid’s health problems. It can be especially tough when it comes to their vision. Since many vision problems can be complex or challenging, the best way to determine if your child is struggling is by visiting an eye doctor. We want to find any eye issues now to prevent more severe issues from happening later in life. With our comprehensive pediatric eye care, we can detect various eye problems such as amblyopia, crossed eyes, nearsightedness, and more. The earlier we can see your child’s eyes, the sooner they’ll have clearer vision.

They Need Good Binocular Vision

While nearsightedness might be one of the most common pediatric eye conditions, poor binocular vision (or eye teaming) can also occur. About 5% to 10% of kids and adults have issues with eye teaming. If you don’t know what eye teaming is, it’s pretty simple. Eye teaming is when both eyes work together to focus and look in the same spot. If your child has poor eye teaming, they could develop a lazy eye and have difficulty seeing clearly.

They’ll Form Good Eye Care Habits

We know how challenging it might be to convince your kids to see the eye doctor. And on top of that, we’re sure getting them to go regularly will be difficult. Once they go once, they’ll be more comfortable! They’ll feel better about going every year as soon as they go once and understand why seeing an eye doctor is essential. Before you know it, they’ll see an eye doctor regularly their entire life!

How eyecarecenter Can Help

Since the first time going to an eye doctor might be challenging, you should go to a friendly and expert team like eyecarecenter. We care about your child’s eye health more than anything else, and we offer comprehensive eye exams so that they get top-notch pediatric eye care. Our team is well-versed in any eye issues your children might have, so you can feel confident they’re getting the proper care.

Contact Our North Carolina Team Today

We know the best eye care matters to you, so take your children to eyecarecenter. It’ll be a positive experience for everybody; we want your kids to leave their appointment better, understanding why their eye health is essential. We have locations all across the state of North Carolina. No matter where your family lives, you’ll be able to find great pediatric eye care! Call our team or click to learn more about Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month or pediatric eye care. Schedule an appointment at eyecarecenter today!

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