Give the Gift of Toy Safety: Safe Toy Awareness Month

During the holiday season, it's important to make safety our top priority as we gear up for the festivities. When selecting toys and presents, it's crucial to think about the safety considerations and the appropriate age range for each item. This is a special time of year, especially for our little ones.

Join eyecarecenter in North Carolina to learn more about Safe Toy Awareness Month and the world of safe toys so you can bring happiness this holiday season without compromising your kids’ well-being and eye safety.

Safety is the Best Gift

As we get ready to open presents, remember to choose toys that are safe and right for the age of your children. Playtime is about having fun and learning too, so safety matters. Let's ensure the toys we pick help kids play happily and securely.

Pick Safe Toys this Holiday Season

During the holiday season, it's crucial to focus on your child's eye health during all the festivities. Here are some tips to guide you in making the right choices.

Pass on Toys with Projectiles

Be cautious with toys that shoot objects, which can harm a child's eyesight. If your child has toys with projectiles, make sure to supervise playtime with these toys and consider using protective eye gear if necessary.

Watch Out for Small Parts

Be careful with toys that have small or detachable pieces because they can easily end up in your child's eyes, causing harm and discomfort. In some cases, these tiny pieces might even get stuck.

On top of that, small parts can be a choking risk. Make sure all parts are bigger than a child's mouth to avoid accidental swallowing.

Toys Should Be for the Right Age

Toy makers give age recommendations to make sure the toys are right for your child's thinking and abilities. Utilize this info so that you’re buying toys that match your child’s age and development level.

If you buy toys that are far above your child’s age range, they are at higher risk of injury.

Make Sure Your Toys are Durable

Sometimes you benefit from splurging on the nicer and more expensive toys. It usually means that they are more durable. When you're choosing toys, make sure they're strong and won't break easily. Kids can be very rough on their toys and can break them if they try hard enough.

Good quality toys are less likely to break into sharp pieces that could hurt someone or get into their eyes.

Lookout for Sharp Edges

Be cautious of toys with sharp edges or points, because they can cause harm to a child's eyes. To ensure safety, run your fingers along the toy's edges to identify any potential risks. It's important to choose toys that are smooth and well-designed to prevent accidental injuries during playtime.

Toys Can Be Both Fun and Safe

The toys you buy for the holidays can be fun and safe at the same time. By finding toys that are safe and age-appropriate, your child can feel comfortable exploring, creating, and learning confidently. Your holiday will be both safe and fun.

Check out these additional safety tips:

  • If a toy needs batteries, make sure that the compartment is secure. You don’t want your children to get ahold of the batteries.

  • Look for toys that use non-toxic materials. This way your child won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Contact eyecarecenter Today

Make your holiday season a safe and fun one this year. Find toys for your kids that are both fun and safe for their eyes by following our tips.

Our team at eyecarecenter is here to help you with all the eye care you need during the holidays. We have locations all across North Carolina. No matter where you are, quality eye care and comprehensive eye exams are never far away!

Call or click today for more information about Safe Toy Awareness Month. Reach out to schedule an appointment at eyecarecenter! 

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