Polo PH2211Blue Square

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  • Blue

About Polo PH2211

Try on the PH2211 at your local eyecarecenter location. These blue designer eyeglasses from Polo are perfect for focusing at work or relaxing at home. Made from plastic, these eyeglasses feature a design and can help you see clearly with prescription lenses. At eyecarecenter, we can build a complete pair of Polo PH2211 just for you, with custom lenses designed for your vision needs.

PH2211 Details


Color: Blue
Rim Style: Full Frame
Shape: Square
Material: Plastic
Lens Type: Clear
Available as Progressive/Bifocal: Yes

Frame Size

Bridge: 18 mm
Lens Width: 55 mm
Lens Height: 38 mm

Face Shape Recommendations for Polo PH2211

  • OvalOval
  • RoundRound

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