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Oakley Rx OX3249-0356 EXTENDERBlack Square

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About Oakley Rx OX3249-0356 EXTENDER

Try on the OX3249-0356 EXTENDER at your local eyecarecenter location. These black designer eyeglasses from Oakley Rx are perfect for focusing at work or relaxing at home. Made from metal, these eyeglasses feature a design and can help you see clearly with prescription lenses. At eyecarecenter, we can build a complete pair of Oakley Rx OX3249-0356 EXTENDER just for you, with custom lenses designed for your vision needs.

OX3249-0356 EXTENDER Details


Color: Black
Rim Style: FULL RIM
Shape: Square
Material: Metal
Lens Type: Clear
Available as Progressive/Bifocal: Yes

Frame Size

Bridge: 16 mm
Lens Width: 56 mm
Lens Height: 36 mm

Face Shape Recommendations for Oakley Rx OX3249-0356 EXTENDER

  • OvalOval
  • RoundRound

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